Traveling Carnival


22" x 17" x 7"


Wooden box, chair part, shoe stretcher, industrial caster, garden ornament, Zenith radio parts, wooden hanger, game pieces, metal, wood & plastic, vintage hardware, clock parts, paint.



8" x 6" x 4"


Wooden box, frames, ceramic doll parts, candleholder, pocket watch parts, silver charm, heart pendant, vintage hardware, collage, beeswax, paint.

The Copernican Revolution


15" x 12" x 5"


Wooden box, gears, clock parts, valve handle, miscellandous metal, plastic and hardware, collage, beeswax, paint.

The Fates


24" x 19" x 8"


Wooden box, lamp base, globe, decorative armillary sphere, wood, metal, velvet, lace, gears, clock parts, metal stars, valve handles, vintage hardware, collage, beeswax, paint.

Commit No Nuisance


20" x 20" x 3"


Vintage frame, wood, metal, plastic, rubber, mirror, game pieces, gears, typewriter keys, buttons, glass doorknob, valve handles, clock parts, combination lock, vintage hardware, auto insignia, collage.

Constellation II


23" x 22" x 7"


Wooden box lid, colander, lacquered tray and bowl, vintage button, fan cover, tricycle wheel, brass doorknob, valve handles, miscellaneous metal, plastic, wood & hardware, gears, collage.